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Torq Energy products

Torq Energy products

Gels, powders and bars for energy and recovery

TORQ was conceived and launched as a Performance Consultancy/Coaching business towards the end of 1999 by Matt Hart, a former Pro/Elite Mountain Biker offering an unrivalled level of service with its unique and fresh approach... Over a decade further down the line and TORQ’s Performance Consultancy has been refined, tried and tested. The fundamentals are still the same, but like any successful business, we’ve added to these and enhanced the services we offer. It was off the back of our consultancy that we developed our range of Performance Nutrition products, because we saw a synergy here. We work constantly with athletes and physically active people, we understand how to train them and know how they should be fuelling themselves. TORQ has now developed into a major player in the specialist Sports Nutrition market and if you respect the attention to detail we've applied to our products, you'll be equally impressed with our Fitness Consultancy.  A clue to TORQ'S approach to personal coaching is in the name. Without meaning to pinch another company's slogan "it's good to TORQ". The philosophy of the business is all about clear, effective communication, and that means regular talking. It is our belief that a successful consultant builds success in his or her clients through exemplary communication. This involves listening, understanding and making any recommendations crystal clear. This is why we insist on meeting with you and discussing your performance face-to-face. TORQ consultations also incorporate a strong educative component. You are encouraged to learn about how and why one achieves excellence in the sport of cycling, making you independent and hence less reliant on TORQ in the future. Whilst solid, proven scientific principles form the structure of any performance and excellence program, it is important also to recognise the spiritual elements of cycle sport. You will be treated as an individual and will learn about self-awareness, to help you understand your own body.

How is TORQ moving forward?

As well as offering a comprehensive Coaching and Performance Consultancy service, we have also meticulously and painstakingly designed our own comprehensive range of Performance Nutrition products. We truly believe (as do many of our customers) that these are the best products of their type in the world, available at any price, and we will continue to develop and perfect our range. We refuse to stand still with the Performance Consultancy/Coaching either and will be offering the following additional services from Spring 2010:
  • Bike-Fit
  • Pedalling Dynamics Coaching
  • Powertap Rental/Day Trial Service
  • Mountain Bike Skills Training (CTC Affiliated)
These new services compliment the current services we provide:
  • Fitness Testing
  • Fitness Consultancy
  • Seminars and Workshops
  • Powertap Familiarisation & Sales
  • Training Camps and Fitness Holidays
  • Guided Mountain Bike Rides
We are extremely passionate about Fitness and Mountain Biking, so with the introduction of the new services above, we feel that TORQ now offers a service to Mountain Bikers that is simply unrivalled. If you want to ride your Mountain Bike faster, we have all the tools in our toolbox to make this happen.

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