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Repair & Service

We have a busy well equipped efficient workshop

We work very hard to turn your bike around as quickly as we can. So if you rely on your commuter you can rely on us to keep you on the road. We seem to be able to keep on top of demand for repairs. It’s not necessary to book in advance, but please expect a turn around of up to 2 days in the winter and 3 days in the summer months for servicing and repair. 

  • The service charge doesn’t cover the cost of replacement parts, or the fitting of those parts, but with an estimate at the time of bringing it in you shouldn’t get any nasty shocks! If the service discovers more essential work we will contact you first to check you are happy for us to go ahead. If you want a more comprehensive service please ask and we will be happy to customise the job to your requirements.
  • Puncture repairs  – genererally if it’s a £7 tube then it’s £12 fitted, but some bikes are tougher than others to do, these will incur a higher charge!
  • Brake bleed is £15 includes the oil
  • Boxing a bike  we can do this if you are going abroad, cost inc box £25 to £30
  • Fitting parts we can do this for you. If you buy on-line and would like us to fit your parts then we will of course, but we won’t be able to subsidise the fitting or do it completely free like we can do for our regulars, why not ask us first if we can supply it. We can often do a good price, especially when you take into account that we might be able to offer a free fit service. There’s no risk to you this way from incompatible purchases, which are very common. Please try and support us and we will continue to be there for you!

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