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Hybrid & City

2019 GIANT – Hybrid & City

2019 Giant FastRoad

So smooth, so efficient, it feels like flying. This lightweight flyer combines the sporty feel of a road bike with the added confidence and control of a flat handlebar.
The perfect balance of road bike speed and city bike versatility. Built on a lightweight ALUXX SL aluminum frameset, this new flat-bar road bike puts the rider in a comfortable position that’s smooth and efficient. The fast-rolling 700c wheels and vibration-absorbing composite D-Fuse seatpost help smooth out rough roads. The fast-rolling 700c wheels can accommodate large tyres up to 32c, perfect for tackling rough roads with confidence and control, while integrated ergo bar ends keep your hands comfortable on longer adventures. Powerful disc brakes give you added control in all types of weather, and easy-to-use rack mounts make FastRoad SL a smart choice for commuting, fitness riding and weekend adventures.


2019 Giant Escape & More

Cycle to work, ride for fitness and fun. Hybrid bikes are built for the city, bike paths and the open road – featuring a blend of road bike efficiency with mountain bike stability and control.

The Escape is a great all-rounder bike, it perfectly balances comfort with performance, you can fit gueards, racks etc to make a year your commuter, or keep it sportier. There is one folder in the Giat range too, the Halfway, light and brilliantly designed. The Cypress is for riding in comfort, with a high handlebar, wide saddle and suspension seatpost. Ideal for cruising along the prom on!


MARIN – Hybrid and Commuter

Road biking for Marin still means adventure and not race, their bikes very much reflect this ethos.

The soul of Marin – Halfway across the Golden Gate Bridge, hundreds of feet above San Francisco Bay, is the southern boundary of a very different place. As you cross that line, you enter a different world, full of open space, quiet roads, and trails with amazing vistas—and far from the rush of city life. As the terrain changes, so too do the people. Life becomes less frenetic, more laid back, and more engaged with time and place. This is Marin County, the birthplace and home of Marin Bikes California.

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2018 Marin Drop bar bikes

Beyond Road

The Gestalt and Nicasio series take you Beyond Road. These endurance models let you take any path you feel comfortable, whether it be on the asphalt or up a gravel road with a secret view. The lightweight butted aluminum or CroMo steel frames feature clearance for up large volume tires, with wide-range drivetrains, fender eyelets, and powerful road-specific disc brakes to make any terrain and weather manageable. Explore the areas you’ve previously seen as not suited to drop bars, with the speed and confidence necessary to take you Beyond Roads.


The Cortina AX is built with the aspiring cyclocross or gravel racer in mind with a lightweight Series 4 aluminum alloy frame and carbon fork, Naild locking quick release thru-axles, disc brakes, and clearance for up to 45mm b-road devouring tires. We like to say that the Cortina’s geometry was designed with a dirt-first attitude, with a bottom bracket height, wheelbase, and steering geometry meant for larger volume 700C tires and off-road speed and stability.


When the oil is gone and the roads are lined with dead automobiles, the Marin Utilitour series will keep you among the most mobile of them all. These bikes were designed to be the last bike you’ll ever need, no matter what the future holds. With a fully custom CrMo frame, clearance to run any tire between 700Cx35 and 29″x2.0″, and mounts for fenders and racks, you can load this beast of burden with all of the necessities for an overnight trip or a cross-country adventure.

Marin flat bar bikes

Pavement speed commute

Seeking a bike with the speed of a road bike, but the durability and upright comfort of a commuter bike? The Speed + Commute range was made with you in mind. Suit up for a workout, or grab your backpack and get off to the grocery store. These bikes easily accept fenders and racks and still make great time across town, to work, or your next daily adventure.

Pavement city sport

If you’re looking for a lightweight, comfortable, and sporty bike for your short distance commutes and getting out and about , the City + Sport bikes are for you. A comfortable, heads-up position means you can safely and easily see the sights, while a multi-terrain tire allows you to explore whatever road, or path comes your way. Suit the bike up with water bottles for hydration, a rack to carry books or groceries, or fenders if the weather’s not cooperating. Any way you outfit them, the City + Sport bikes are ready for your next ride.

Pavement Comfort

The ultimate in cruising for transportation and pleasure, these bikes are what you want if you prefer to enjoy the view and take it easy as you make your way. You can go fast if you need to, but speed and efficiency give way to comfort and stability here, with an upright riding position and plush tires.

Pavement Dual Sport

Sometimes pavement can be a bit boring. Sometimes you want to find the route to work with the least pavement. And sometimes you just want to hit the fire road for a good climb away from the rest of the world. For all of these reasons you’re riding a Dual Sport, so you can do anything just shy of mountain biking. With the speed of a pavement bike, and the front suspension and multi-terrain tires inspired by mountain bikes, you lead the way into adventures beyond the beaten path.


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