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Men’s Bikes

Dual suspension Mountain bikes


Dual Suspension bikes offer a greater degree of control over the “Hardtail”. The amount of suspension generally determines the intended useage of the bike. Broadly speaking 80-100mm is for cross country, 120-150mm trail riding, 160mm and over is Freeride and Downhill.





Hardtail Mountain bikes


Hardtails are lighter than dual suspension bikes, simpler  and cheaper to maintain, cheaper to buy for a similar specification often by several hundred pounds. Fork travel will be from 80mm to 160mm, and the longer the travel the less good at cross country and the better at downhill the bike will perform.






Fat bikes



Fat bikes are still seen as a bit of fun, but we really do enjoy riding them every bit as much as a more conventional bike. Come in and Demo the full carbon Oryx.

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