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E – MTB BIKES 2023


Mountain biking is all about having fun, enjoying the great outdoors, exercising your body and freeing your mind. So what if we told you there was a type of bike that lets you ride further, faster, and have even more fun? One that even made you LOL on the climbs? You’d still have to work for your rewards, but by assisting your efforts, it allows you to wring every little drop of enjoyment out of your rides. Welcome to the E-MTB !



All the power a lot less weight, yes the range topping model is expensive, but check them all out, they start at £5499. Also the ladies Liv Intrigue version, 3 models from £5499 to £8999


We plenty of bikes in stock right now – see below mostly with 10 – 20% off too!. Many models available to order for immediate delivery. Give us a call for up to date info!


MARIN ALPINE TRAIL E 2 LARGE & MEDIUM was £5765 now £5188 10% off

Marin Alpine Trail E 2 large 2023.

MARIN ALPINE TRAIL E 1 small was £4465 now £4020 10% off

Marin Alpine Trail E 1 small 2023


GIANT TRANCE PRO 3 LARGE was £4699 now – £3994 15% off

Giant Trance E + 3 pro large 2022


Giant Reign E pro 1 2022 was £6799 medium now £6120  10% off

Reign E + 1 2023 medium


Giant Trance X E + 2 medium and large was £5699 now £5129  10% off

Giant Trance X E + 2 2023


Giant Reign E +3 2023: medium was £5499 now £4949  10% off

Reign E + 3 medium 2023

Giant Stance E +1 2023: medium was £3999 now £3599  10% off

Giant Stance E+1 2023 medium


Some Focus E-bikes are in, more coming spring 2023 in limited numbers. We are taking orders now! Give us a call or email us!

Some Sam² models are in now,  fitted with 625wh batteries, using the powerful Bosch generation 4 motor. 15% off most models right now. Grab a bargain! All E-bikes come with a 2 yrs warranty for all the electrics, that’s wiring, motor, battery and controller.

FOCUS SAM² 6.8 29  Large  – was £5199 now £4420 15% off








Proud member of Cycle Scheme. Save between 32% and 42% off a new bike! Click here for more information.