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E – MTB BIKES 2020/21

We have very few bikes in stock right now, see the home page for more bikes. We are only going to show you the bikes we actually have!

Mountain biking is all about having fun, enjoying the great outdoors, exercising your body and freeing your mind. So what if we told you there was a type of bike that lets you ride further, faster, and have even more fun? One that even made you LOL on the climbs? You’d still have to work for your rewards, but by assisting your efforts, it allowed you to wring every little drop of enjoyment out of your rides.



Some Focus Ebikes are due this Autumn

Various Thron models are due in, these are shorter travel dual suspension Ebikes, with 625 wh batteries, using the powerful Bosch generation 4 motor. Prices starting at around £3800.

info coming soon




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