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We have plenty of bikes in stock now. Most with a cool 10% or more off. Give us a call and get yourself a great deal on a bike today. There are a couple shown here.

GIANT ANYTOUR E+2 625wh STEP THRU SMALL was £3499 now £3150 10% off

ANYTOUR E + 2 SMALL £3499 With a 625wh battery this will take you on all day epics, but equally will zip you to the shops with ease. The powerful Yamaha motor delivers a intuitive feel to the ride, when you pedal it instantly helps, when you stop pedalling it instantly stops. It really is like have a superpower,  and it becomes second nature right from the outset. 


MARIN SAUSALITO LADIES MEDIUM was £2295 x 2 now £2065

MARIN SAUSALITO STEP THRU. This light weight (sub 20Kg) bike, is a delight to ride, ask the boss he has the one with a cross bar. Almost silent and very smooth. it has a smaller motor than the full power bikes at 40nm max power, but paired with really sensible wide range gears it can still get you up almost any hill. the 420wh battery is good for 40+miles, remember E-bike range can vary enormously depending on so many factors, the 2 biggest being your weight and the power mode you choose!


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