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Compare beams on all major lights on the market – this light is amazing! read more to see the web link.

The link below might just help you believe us that it really is a powerful light! Lots of impartial info on this 'Road CC' website. Class winning performance at an amazing price! Volt 1200 pumps out a regulated 1200 lumens… regulated means no fade! Using Cateye’s photometrics and advanced lens technology means that every bit of light output is optimised, putting the light right where you need it. On or off road, race training or commuting this light delivers fantastic output!   • High power front light with actual regulated 1200 lumen output • Superb beam pattern using Cateye’s amazing Opticube technology • Self contained Li-ion rechargeable battery • Simple and safe battery replacement • Great side visibility • 5 modes: High / Medium / Low / Flash / Hyper Constant • Runtime: H: 2hrs / M: 5hrs / L: 17.5hrs / F: 10hrs / HC: 14.5hrs • Recharge: 1a (USB 3.0) = 8hrs, 0.5A (USB 2.0) = 14hrs

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