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Ladies Hybrids

Giant Ladies flat bar road and hybrid bikes

Choosing the right bike!

Sport Hybrids

Sports hybrids are more than just a bike. They are performance bikes. Lightweight frames, higher gears, a more forward (racey) ride position so although great for that commute to work they will also be a bike you will want to ride at the weekends too.

Town Hybrids

The Alight range uses a light alloy frame, the ride position is a bit more upright but not sit up by any means. Components have been chosen for performance and budget. If you love biking but want a bit more comfort these are great all-rounders.

The Beliv is old style meets new with a dropped frame and handlebar these have a unique style all of their own.

The Flourish are for getting there in your own good time, in style and comfort. They come equipped with various accessories depending on the model, check out more details below.

Giant Ladies Hybrid Electric Bikes


Marin flat bar ladies bikes

Pavement speed commute

Seeking a bike with the speed of a road bike, but the durability and upright comfort of a commuter bike? The Speed + Commute range was made with you in mind. Suit up for a workout, or grab your backpack and get off to the grocery store. These bikes easily accept fenders and racks and still make great time across town, to work, or your next daily adventure.


Pavement Comfort

The ultimate in cruising for transportation and pleasure, these bikes are what you want if you prefer to enjoy the view and take it easy as you make your way. You can go fast if you need to, but speed and efficiency give way to comfort and stability here, with an upright riding position and plush tires.

Pavement Dual Sport

Sometimes pavement can be a bit boring. Sometimes you want to find the route to work with the least pavement. And sometimes you just want to hit the fire road for a good climb away from the rest of the world. For all of these reasons you’re riding a Dual Sport, so you can do anything just shy of mountain biking. With the speed of a pavement bike, and the front suspension and multi-terrain tires inspired by mountain bikes, you lead the way into adventures beyond the beaten path.

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